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A distributed database is a database where storage gadgets are not all associated with a typical processor. In contrast to parallel systems, in which the processors are safely matched and make up a solitary database system, a distributed database system comprises of approximately combined sites that share no physical elements. On the off chance that it was totally kept in exactly the same spot, a central distributed database management system (DDBMS) fuses the data sanely so it tends to be taken care of as. The DDBMS coordinates all the data consistently and ensures that erases and updates carried out on the data at one spot will be promptly appeared in the data kept elsewhere. Distributed databases can be heterogeneous or homogenous. In a homogenous distributed database system, all the physical spots have exactly the same fundamental equipment and run exactly the same OS and database applications. In a heterogeneous Distributed database, the equipment, running frameworks or database applications may be different at every one of the zones.

A Distributed Database Management System (DDBMS) incorporates a solitary rational database that is partitioned into a variety of pieces. Each piece is kept on a few computer systems heavily influenced by an alternate DBMS, with the computer systems connected by an interaction network. Every site can independently handle client requests that need access to regional data (that is, each website has some degree of regional autonomy) and is in like manner proficient in preparing data kept on other computer systems in the system. Users get to the distributed database through applications. Applications are arranged as those that needn't bother with data from different sites (regional Applications) and those that do require data from different sites (worldwide applications). We need a DDBMS to have in any event one worldwide application. A distributed database is an assortment of a few interconnected databases, which are spread out genuinely all through various territories that cooperate by methods for a computer system network.

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